Meet the Gals

About Us

Ey Gal is an online fashion boutique based out of Nashville, Tennessee created by Karina, Grace, and Rosie, three sisters with three different yet unique points of view on fashion. Karina prefers comfy and quick looks as she is often on the go. Grace aims for statement pieces as well as trendy street wear looks. Rosie enjoys dressier looks for everyday wear that can transition to a look suited for outings out on the town. We have a great mix of items and outfits that can be styled up or down, worn together or individually. We strive to have all our items be stylish, cozy, and most importantly comfy! I am glad you are here checking us out and hope that you decide to add some of our items to your future closet! 


Neutralizing Carbon Emission

Keeping our planet in good shape is important to us at Ey Gal. When we started our company we explored different options on ways we could decrease our impact on the environment. We decided to start with our carbon footprint.
Carbon is produced by a variety of regular activities. Almost every normal activity leaves a measurable carbon footprint, whether it's the electricity you consume, the miles you drive, and in our case the shipments we send to you. While it is not always possible to carry out these activities without emitting carbon, these emissions can be offset through a variety of certified programs and efforts. 
We have partnered with Cloverly to calculate and offset our carbon footprint. Using specific data inputs such as package weight and transportation locations, Cloverly, helps us calculate the quantity of carbon emitted and, as a result, the amount of carbon to be offset. Cloverly then matches the offset project's location as closely to the original carbon-producing activity. Helping us reduce our carbon footprint. 


Women Owned and Operated is proud to be women owned and operated. We strive to motivate all women to follow their dreams just as we have followed our dream in creating Ey Gal. 


Fast Shipping

Ey Gal promises to ship all orders within 48 hours of a purchase being made. We want to ensure all items get into you closet ASAP!